Caller ID Module

Integrates Caller ID devices to SambaPOS for automatically searching a registered customer by phone number.

Price: Free

Scale Module

Integrates electronic scales to SambaPOS through serial port for selling items by weight.

Price: Free

More Ticket Actions

Adds additional ticket actions for advanced uses. **Reopen Closed Ticket** and **Cancel Ticket Payments** actions.

Price: Free

Database Tools

Adds import - export data, sql runner and training mode features. Works with SambaPOS V4.

Buy : $9.95

Database Backup

Adds required actions to create database backups and a management screen to rollback backups. Works with SambaPOS V4.

Buy : $2.95

URL Printer

Adds a custom printer to send printer output to web serices. Useful for integrating web services such as SMS, E-mail services.

Price: Free

Shell Subtitle

Adds subtitle region to POS screen and adds required actions to change how subtitle appears.

Price: Free

Custom Reports

Display and Print Custom Reports with SQL in Report Module. Works with SambaPOS V4.

Buy : $49.95

SambaPOS V5 License

This module removes V5 trial restrictions and enables all V5 PRO features. Also contains Custom Reports, Backup and Database Tools module licenses.

Buy : $99.00